Friday, July 31, 2009

A Project

Every year I tell my elementary students to create reading goals for themselves. Mine, I tell them, is to read every Newbery book. They look unimpressed until I tell them how many that is - 88! That doesn't even include the ones that receive Newbery Honors each year.

I've tried over the years to keep track of my reading and my thoughts about the books, but decided to do it more publicly. I see that there are many others with blogs on this topic, so I think I'm in good company.

In the list on the right, the ones in blue are those I've already read. You can tell I'd read quite a few before starting this blog, so it will take me a while to write reviews for all of them. Ones that do have reviews have a link directly to them.

I will also likely read and review other children's books, as sometimes one just strikes my fancy and has to be read.

Thank you for sharing the journey and your own thoughts about the books with me!